About Us

At its core, Aspiring Wild Designs is an exclusive brand that strives to create nature inspired pyrography art. Using reclaimed wood and hand selected trees, we aim to sustain our beautiful Earth by replanting what we cut twofold and minimizing our ecological footprint.


Aspiring Wild Designs is a handmade business that focuses on nature inspired wood burned art in the form of kitchen decor such as coasters, cutting boards, and wooden spoons, unique art pieces, and more. AWD was founded in October 2018 by Jessica de Boer, and is currently based out of Eganville, Ontario.

Feather and Flower Watercolour Wall ArtJessica de Boer, AWD OwnerScroll Saw Bear, Wood Burned Forest Art

 The wood used in AWD's designs comes from 3 main sources. We use mainly reclaimed wood, barn board from torn down barns in the area, and wood cut from our family farm. Any time we do cut down one tree, we replant twofold, although we focus mainly on using trees that have fallen or need to be cut down for the health of the bush.


October 2018: Jessica had been playing with the idea of starting a handmade business when her hours were temporarily cut at work and she had some extra time on her hands. She started making some signs and coasters and created her Etsy Store.

November 2018: Jessica attended her first Christmas craft show on a whim and was surprisingly successful! She took the money earned to keep creating and decided that her hobby would become a full time business one day.

September 2019: AWD branded their business and launched their very own website for their customers.

February 2020: We created an Instagram account to be able to stay active in your community and keep in touch with all of our AWD family.

March 2020: Covid-19 hit and we needed to pivot from in person events to strictly online for the time being.

January 2021: Jess had a baby (Rachel) and began her maternity leave! We will be continuing to grow the business, though we'll be taking more time for baby snuggles!

Present: Aspiring Wild Designs is growing a little more each day, and the goal of becoming a fulltime business is within reach!

Canadian Coasters, Wood BurnedJessica de Boer, Owner AWDWine Coaster Set, Wood Burned